IDD Joins Virginia Tech Athletics For Interactive Recruiting Tool

We are pleased to announce our new project with Virginia Tech Athletics called "Hokie Hoops,“ a new interactive touch screen kiosk recruiting tool for the Hahn Hurst Basketball Practice Center.
WSLS joined in and aired an excellent video feature story about the project.
Interactive kiosk technologies are revolutionizing the way people work and learn.
IDD’s work began with the Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Team to create an interactive touch screen kiosk for the Hahn Hurst Practice Center. The kiosk joins the vast array of basketball memorabilia already in the space, but adds an extra layer of visitor engagement by showcasing the players, coaches, and facility history in an interactive, media-rich, large-screen format.

In addition to bringing that digital edge to the Hahn Hurst experience, another goal of the software application is to be a portable recruiting tool. The 55” monitor projects the application and is operated by a wall-mounted tablet by ArmorActive. The basketball coaches can take the tablet with them on recruiting trips and present to families a VT club that honors their players and the institution. The kiosk currently shows the men’s basketball team, but the women’s basketball team will join them in the coming months. 

The touch screen kiosk software is built on a content management system, giving users the power to grow, edit, and manage their content as their message changes from anywhere, anytime. The built-in “timeline scroll” feature allows visitors to browse multiple pieces of organized information from an attractive and friendly touch screen interface. The application supports video, audio, full branding control, powerful visuals, easy-to-use editors, and usage analytics and reporting. 
This is not IDD’s first interactive touch screen kiosk, but it is our first Virginia Tech Athletics adventure. The software and its ability to present attractive and organized information through multimedia is a platform with endless applications and benefits. Celebrate decades of service, elevate a learning experience, improve doctor patient communication, or showcase a wall of donors. Regardless of your goals, placing the most relevant and compelling message at the fingertips of your audience will set you apart from the state of information saturation we all experience.
The excitement from the basketball team and local community around the release of this project has been tremendous.  We can’t wait to see the many different directions this interactive touch screen application will take us! 

By: Rachel Doyle
Marketing Director at IDD, Inc.

Date: 6/16/2015 
Tags: Interactive design & development, interactive touch screen kiosk, touch screen kiosk, hokie hoops, hokies, think touch, software applications, content management, content management system, cms, recruiting, basketball


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