Your Vision

To refine your vision for a successful ThinkTouch kiosk project, consider these questions:

WHO is your primary audience?

Whose attention do you want to capture with your stories?

WHAT story or stories do you want to share?

Which stories would best represent who you are and align with your mission, vision, and public relations goals?

WHERE will the kiosk be located?

Where is the highest level of traffic for your target audience? Is it inside or outside?
Strategic placement is key to maximizing your kiosk's impact, and the location you choose will help you determine the best hardware configuration for your needs.

WHEN would delivery of your kiosk provide maximum impact? 

Do you have a new building opening, special event, upcoming season, or anniversary?
Kiosks add a fresh digital edge to long-standing traditions and celebrations.

WHY is it important to reach out to your selected audience? 

Defining your educational, communications, and public relations goals and objectives will help you further refine WHAT stories to include.

HOW will you know that the kiosk was successful?

Defining what key performance metrics you plan to use will help you have a deeper understanding of the success of your project. Will you track kiosk story views, event attendance, or engagement levels?


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Kiosk Hardware

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